Downtown Music Collective Hosted by PHIL GAMMAGE

Episode video archive at YouTube

For release: January 2022

Green Kill Media is delighted to introduce the launch of the Downtown Music Collective series featuring Phil Gammage. You will be able to watch an episode the second Tuesday of every month 8pm ET in 2022 on our YouTube channel.

Welcome to the Downtown Music Collective where opinion about the arts matter! Host Phil Gammage reviews and discusses curated music, films, and books from the past and present. Music videos, live performance, and interviews with the makers and shakers of the creative world all combine to help create a fast moving and engaging show. It’s a fun 20 minutes of thoughtful opinion and conversation that will get you rethinking how you feel about artists and the art they make. Phil brings a fresh insight about the arts and he shares with us what he is passionate about and why he feels that way.

Phil Gammage is the consummate musician, historian, and fiction writer. His latest album From Nowhere to Somewhere is a robust collection of Americana songs as diverse and heart-felt as the genre itself. Twisting from railroad cars, endless roads, and the folklore of 20th century America, the album draws inspiration from Phil’s lifelong interests.