House Concerts

I love playing House Concerts (or Living Room Shows, take your pick). They’re a completely different experience from a club show. All of the artifice is stripped away. No stage, no dressing room, no barrier between the performer and the audience. The shows seem like one step closer to the way music was intended-traveling from town to town, telling stories and making friends.

Playing a house concert in London.

Most of the people I’ve met in the house concert world were a little surprised at first to find that such a thing was even possible. Could it be that simple to open your living room to 50 or 60 friends and local music fans and then have a face from your record collection come to life, taking requests and meeting your kids and asking where to lay his coat? But I’m not the only touring musician who has found the joys and refuge in these kinds of shows. Friends of mine have been doing them for years.

It’s easy. You just contact your favorite touring troubadour, tell him how you want to do the show, offer up a date and you’ll most likely hear “yep, sounds great.” Sometimes you can fill up your audience with your pals and sometimes you can ask the musician to put the word out to his fans as well. I’ve done shows by myself, duo, or trio. Sometimes I bring the whole band along. No two house concerts are ever the same.

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House concert in Kennington, London.
House concert in Bloomfield, New Jersey.