Lyrics from Phil’s album Used Man For Sale. Released October 2016. All lyrics © Phil Gammage and Mayan Music BMI.


Arms of a Kind Woman

The nights slowly turn into days
The sun clears away the haze
And fate takes hold, when it’s time to be bold
There is salvation in the arms of a kind woman

The floods they never seem to end
The rains are coming down again
The sky feels cold, when the world seems so old
There is salvation in the arms of a kind woman

In the distance, a hound starts to cry
All the flowers are starting to die
The midnight train rides its track, and when there’s no turning back
There is salvation in the arms of a kind woman

Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow, maybe today
Beg, steal, or borrow I’ll find a way

Better days coming, over yonder hills
Lord knows I’m ready, gonna get my fill

Why let the good times pass
Let’s try to make them last

I’ve been hungry, with a pain in my heart
Brighter days, no more falling apart

I Beg of You

I’ve played the game of love and lost
I was the fool who paid the cost
Lord I fell for you, so hard it hurt
My love and devotion always came first

You’re working all your voodoo on me
I beg of you, set me free

Those sleepless nights you go out on the town
With another man, are you fooling around?
I stay at home and I care for your child
While you’re out drinking cocktails, and running wild

You must see in my eyes that I need to be free
But you could always read my mind so easily
What is it that keeps me coming back and holding on?
When all my self-respect has withered and gone

Used Man For Sale

It’s my life or what I’ve got left of it
It’s my world that I try to forget
All I am, all I am is a used man for sale

I had dreams, threw them all away
Hopes and schemes best left for better days

Play me something new, play me something blue
Something that I never heard before
But don’t ever go and try to tease me woman
You’ll leave me wanting so much more

Oh I’m lost in your wilderness
And I’m desperate, desperate for your kiss

Yeah I’m drifting like a sailor lost at sea
But I’ll be here if you ever want to buy me

Ride With Railroad Bill

Railroad Bill, up on a hill
Lighting a cigar with a hundred-dollar bill.
You know that man he stole my wife,
If I don’t like it, he’s gonna take my life.
Buy me a gun just as long as my arm
Shoot everybody that ever done me harm.
Gonna drink my whiskey, drink it in the wind
Doctor said it’ll blind me but he never said when.

Early one morning, standing in the rain
Around the bend come a long freight train.
Bill shot John Hardy that’s what they said
Left him on the train, stone cold dead
He’s a bad ass son of a bitch that Railroad Bill
He never worked and he never will
I can hear Bill singing his hobo song
He’s coming to kill me, it won’t be long

Feeling the Hurt

Now I felt like dirt and given up all I had
I was left to wander Main Street and feeling so sad
But you gave me hope, and lifted me out of the ditch
Gave me strength to stand on my feet and start living again

I wonder where you were when I was feeling the hurt
How can lucky can I be?
I can’t believe this has happened to me, yeah to me

I look and I stare up at the stars
Someone up there is watching me, cause I’ve made it this far
Now I know this is my lucky roll of the dice
It took me this long to get this far
and I’ve paid too high a price.

Before I Leave

I wear my shame like a mask on my heart
To disguise the way I feel.
We’ve been so numb to all that’s going on
You see in this world nothing is real.

Before I leave, I’ve got to tell you
Before I leave, you’ve got to know
Before I leave, I’ve got to tell you
There are some secrets you should know

Cars speed by my window, people stop and talk
I can’t hear a word they say.
They’re just blank faces that never connect
I hide in my mind night and day.

When I’m gone I’ll make sure to leave no trace
Of me ever being around here.
There are some secrets that you and I must share
Before I disappear.


I want to tell you a story about a man and woman I know
They live on Ellis street in San Francisco.
It’s land that time forgot, the world of dead end streets
Once you’re in you’re never out, that’s where we meet

Now my good friends living there since 1979
They be growing old but there’s no change…Tenderloin knows no time
Up the block and down the street
To Ellis street we go
All my good friends dead or alive in San Francisco

Lost in Loserville

You’re a player that we know
Always on the make always on the go
You’ve been here, and you’ve been around
The city awaits it’s your playground
Looking to find that lonely friend
Trapped in the web of love again
You can’t buy a thrill, lost in Loserville

A fresh smile you always bring
Every night making the scene
This ain’t no small town full of squares
You’re in the big time now, so beware
The band is loose, their groove is tight
And you’ll be staying out every night

Last call and it’s your special time
For you to step out and really shine
A time to plan a time to scheme
Take a walk down that boulevard of broken dreams
But you fell in love with the silver spoon
Fell into to its darkness way to soon

Staring Out Our Window

Staring out our window, neon sign flashing bright.
We’ve some time to kill until the morning light.

Big town keeps on churning, but there’s trouble on the way.
We’ll know what it’s about at the break of day.

Staring out our window, looking down on the street.
We can see the sun rising, now our night is complete.