A few updates about my new album Used Man For Sale.

  • the international release date is October 4 on PreFab International Records
  • the release date for the first music video “Arms of a Kind Woman” is September. Date to be announced.

That’s all folks! More info to come soon…

usedman_front_discThis fall Phil Gammage returns with a new 10-song album Used Man for Sale. This collection of all original songs is his eighth solo album.

Gammage draws his musical and lyrical inspirations from many sources, but it is the most American music form of all — the blues (which is the true essence of man and womankind) that defines this new collection of songs. He also explores lounge and countrypolitan sounds on this record.

The recording is honest with no studio gimmickry. Used Man for Sale was produced by Kevin Tooley and recorded in New York at 30 Below Studios and World Wide Vibe Studios. Engineered by Brent McLaghlan and Kevin Tooley.

Watch the album promo trailer below produced by PreFab International Cine.

I’m spending the summer months putting the finishing touches on my latest solo album. Ten new songs, all written by me titled Used Man For Sale.

The songs blues-based, with a few conjuring 1960’s-era country and lounge stylings. I wrote all of them in the past year or two. Most I’ve performed live in some fashion the with various collaborators. This is more of a “songwriter driven” albums than my previous efforts. The arrangements are simple and so is the production. The songs are recorded honestly with no studio gimmickry.

I’ve got some great musicians playing on it — Frank DiNunzio II – standup bass; Johnny Young – keys/piano; Kevin Tooley – drums; and Michele Butler singing harmonies. Tracking was done at 30 Below Studio in NYC with Brent McLaghlian and Kevin Tooley’s studio. Kevin is producing and mixing.

In addition, I’ve been collaborating with the fine folks at PreFab International Cine on some music videos for some of the album’s songs. We recently finished a shoot for “The Arms of a Kind Woman” and editing is nearly finished. It was shot on location in the Manhattanville and Tribeca neighborhoods in New York. Big thanks to my pal Mike Rimbaud for assisting us at the Tribeca recently.

All of these new recordings and videos will be unleashed on the world in due time… probably the fall of 2016 or winter 2017.

More info soon…

Still from "The Arms of a Kind Woman" music video. © Phil Gammage and PreFab International Cine.
Still from “The Arms of a Kind Woman” music video.
© Phil Gammage and PreFab International Cine.


This concert is always one of the biggest live music events of the summer in New York, and I’m happy to be performing at it. I’ll be playing with the Phil Gammage Quartet (Frank DiNunzio III, Michael Muller, and Roger Stoltz) plus special guest Brandy Noir.

Every artist performs 3 or 4 songs that were written or played by Mr. Thunders.



Adventures in Bluesland play a few dates this spring and summer at the John Brown Smokehouse Summer Blues Series in Long Island City, Queens, NY. These shows are held on their outdoor patio stage. The food (authentic Kansas City barbeque), drink, and ambience there is great. The Smokehouse continues to bring up outstanding blues artists from Mississippi and elsewhere to play their blues shows. No cover charge and all ages admitted.

Please note Adventures in Bluesland play an early dinner set at 6pm, the headliner goes on at 7pm

May 28 6pm with Earl “Little Joe” Ayers.
June 18 6pm with Robert Kimbrough.

Relaxing between sets with Mississippi blues legend Earl "Little Joe" Ayers. John Brown Smokehouse Summer Blues Series, Long Island City, NY.
Relaxing between sets with Mississippi blues legend Earl “Little Joe” Ayers.
John Brown Smokehouse Summer Blues Series, Long Island City, NY.




In mid-May, I returned again to 30 Below Studio in New York to continue tracking on my latest recording project. It’s shaping up to be ten new songs — all originals of mine, and I hope it is released before the end of the year. It’s a true solo album… I’m playing most of the instruments.  The songs I’ve written are in the singer-songwriter style with a definite nod to blues. There’s some pop, lounge, and country in the mix too. One of the songs was compared to a Glenn Campbell tune by a musician friend of mine when I played it at a recent acoustic solo show!

Working with me on the project are Kevin Tooley (drums), Frank DiNunzio III (bass, backing vocals), Michele Butler (backing vocals), and of course the brilliant engineer Brent McLachlan. Patric Roes the world class bass player from Holland stopped by the studio to say hello too. He’s visiting New York from Europe and playing bass with Frank at a showcase gig here.

More info soon…

Michele Butler, Phil Gammage, Frank DiNunzio III, and Patric Roes at 30 Below Recording Studio, New York, NY.
Michele Butler, Phil Gammage, Frank DiNunzio III, and Patric Roes at 30 Below Recording Studio, New York, NY.