What the world is saying about the music of Phil Gammage.

“Under wrought darkish Americana echoing Nick Cave’s fascinations minus the melodrama… might well make Phil this generation’s Hank Williams.”
Trouser Press

Feature video interview on Awesome TV.

Listen to Phil’s interview November 2021 interview on Radio Valencia (San Francisco).

Blues & Co. “The New York Blues Scene” (France print only)

Interview with the Blues Network (Europe)
Interview with the Huffington Post
Feature in New York’s Village Voice
Interview with Kris Needs in The Blues Magazine (U.K.)

Village Voice feature.




What’s being written about Phil’s album From Nowhere to Somewhere

“Top shelf story telling is the key I think, and the songs feel sacred without being precious… not unlike listening to old Hank Williams.”
~ Hot Wax Album Reviews by the ROCK DOCTOR

What’s being written about Phil’s single and music video Just Another Traveling Man

“Foreboding music with compelling footage from an era of drifters combine into a nostalgic daydream on Gammage’s latest.”
~ Americana Highways

What’s being written about Phil’s single Lonely Street of Love

“For Gammage, it’s all about the song’s vibe and his long walks through The City That Never Sleeps, where he explores the late-night lifestyle. It’s a world of femme fatales, dark streets, potent cocktails, and a fast con.”

What’s being written about Phil’s album It’s All Real Good

“…comes across as an acoustic take on the apocalyptic gutter blues of 80s bands like the Gun Club.”
New York Music Daily

“…the man is incapable of a false note or a forced emotion. All of his solo work is excellent.”
Rock NYC Live

International reviews for Used Man For Sale.

Best of 2016 list Canal Side Radio (U.K.)

Used Man For Sale is Gammage’s modern day masterpiece.”
No Depression

“…evokes comparison to Bob Dylan’s 21st Century canon wherein the blues and roots are rendered in a timeless noir manner: a rare feat in an era where retro is vogue and all too prevalent.”
Huffington Post

“Gammage has been on a lot of good albums over the years, and this might be the best of them all.”
NY Music Daily

“…a sophisticated savvy that invokes feelings of lonely comfort. Gammage has written a classic.”
The Rock Rag

“…presents an enjoyable and creative slice of rootsy music in a bare bones approach that is truly satisfying. His musicianship along with that of his cohorts is top notch. Everything here works.
Blues Blast

“We’re totally digging it. Phil’s voice is as unique and smokey-rich as a Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley or freakin’ Frank Sinatra or something. This is petty amazing shiat.”

“His new video for “Lost in Loserville” finds Gammage channeling some major Woodstock (the city, not the festival) vibes – and not just because it was filmed in the Hudson Valley. The visuals were inspired by Elliot Landy’s iconic photos of the Band, and the washed-out imagery of Gammage performing outdoors complements the song’s folksy, chugging rhythm like something out of another era.”

“He has the brooding intensity of a Johnny Cash circa Rick Rubin added to post-punk circa 1980 smarts.
Rock NYC Live and Recorded

“His new, and eighth, record Used Man For Sale brings his rich, earthen voice and strong composition to 10 new songs that extract the depths of that genre, no frills, no drama, just great music.”
RARAs Farm

“Phil Gammage can boast a following and a growing appreciation from not only an audience of devotees, but also the so-called mainstream.”
Mescalina (Italy)

“Gammage opens its eighth long player with a classic American ballad.”
Real Roots Cafe (Holland)

“…his roots-laced style shines through and takes center stage on ‘Arms of a Kind Woman'” (song).
Paste Magazine

“There is a very big quality to his voice as if he has channeled Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jim Morrison to create a sound that fills every crevice, which I find wonderful and, at times, overwhelming.
Swept Magazine (Canada)

Abus Dangeroux (France) Click on image to enlarge.

Used Man For Sale will scratch the itch of those looking for a great throwback to the Orbisons and other great blues singers of yesteryear with a bit of modern influence and great instrumentation to boot…”
The Scene (Canada)

“…one of the best assets is Phil’s fantastic voice. It’s a voice that will make any gal swoon.  It’s a rare talent Phil was born with and wherever he’s going next, we want to tag along.”
California Rocker

“Gammage’s cool baritone bounces off that luscious plate reverb to give that dark underbelly of America twang that gave a mystique to Presley, Cash, and Marty Robbins…”
Music-News (U.K.)

“….the sheer quality of musicianship displayed on tracks like “Arms of a Kind Woman” and really the album at large is exceptional.
Vancouver Weekly (Canada)

“Gammage balances the bleak with the hopeful on “Arms of a Kind Woman”, opting for optimism on chorus sections that are bolstered by the low thrum of upright bass, curls of subdued steel guitar, and light piano tinkling.”
Delusions of Adequacy (U.K.)

Accolades and reviews for Phil’s album Adventures in Bluesland.

Best albums of 2014 NBTMusic (Germany)
Best albums of 2014 Rock NYC Live and Recorded

“…a great/pleasant surprise. Adventures In Bluesland is not so much an adventure but a pleasurable listening trip.”

“I am discussing Phil Gammage’s sweeping modern blues and rock album, which owes so much to everyone one from Presley to Leadbelly but sound not quite like any of them ….it is really about Phil’s wonderful singing; the man seems to have stepped out of 1957 and yet not. He is a one man million dollar quartet and this is an adventure not to be missed.”
Rock NYC Live and Recorded

“…Phil Gammage presents a broad mix of self-penned songs and a number of cover versions of blues classics and folk traditionals. His interpretations are special and very much personalized and they demonstrate his ability to convert such classics into his own songs.”
Rootstime (Belgium)

“…for people who’ve spent some time with the blues (hell, that’s pretty much everybody, right?), it’s a reminder why we like the music.“
New York Music Daily

“A new album by Phil Gammage is always cause for celebration and Adventures In Bluesland is no exception… a great slice of smoldering blues that occasionally rock just a little bit”
Whisperinandhollerin (U.K.)

“Roots music is in good hands here. We are sure to hear much more good and creative sounds from this band in the future.”
Blues Blast Magazine

“Gammage has delivered an album that is an infectious, perfectly paced and varied exploration of the most American of musical forms. It captures a band that sounds like they’ve been playing in smoke-filled basement joints since the age of the Beats.”
Bucketful of Brains (U.K.)

Shindig! (U.K.)

“Gammage’s baritone voice is the real star here…many of the songs are perfect for late night after hours…”
Triggerfish (Germany)

“…it is Gammage’s own compositions and his interpretations of traditional American folk songs such as “Wayfaring Stranger” Help Me “and” In The Pines “which create the deepest impression.”
Popgeni (Sweden)

“This is not a pure blues, this is not a pure blues rock, but rather the music of a man (Gammage) who is obviously very strongly rooted in the soul of the blues.”
RockTimes (Germany)

“The title says it all: these are, indeed — little ‘adventures’ as well as an addition to essential blues music!”
Insurgent Country (Holland)

“…one of the best rock and roll singing voices you’ll hear and a mean harp, Gammage’s album stands as an organic response to synthetic emotions.”
NYC Rock Live and Recorded

“…a splendid baritone voice that recalls Elvis and a less twisted Nick Cave… Gammage shies away from orthodoxy… the swampy “See How We Roll”, the atmospheric “Lay Me Down Low”, or the robust “Kills Me When You’re Gone”, keep the faith, and are not only good, but have the song craftsman’s touch…”
Ruta 66 (Spain)

R2 (U.K.)

Accolades and reviews for the album and songs of The American Dream.

Best albums of 2015 NBTMusic (Germany)
Best albums of 2015 Rock NYC Live and Recorded
Best songs of 2015 “Watching the Traffic Flow” Rock NYC Live and Recorded

“…issuing such landmark albums as 1990’s Night Train and the following year’s Kneel To The Rising Sun. He founded Adventures In Bluesland as an acoustic trio in late 2013.”
Interview with Kris Needs in The Blues Magazine (U.K.). Read here.

“Phil Gammage no ordinary copycat , but an artist with a unique sound, vision, and musical message.”
Keys and Chords (Holland)

“An explosive and dynamic force of musical nature…”
Il Sibilo Del Silencio (Italy)

“…a sure sense of style in both music and lyrics.”
Rootsy (Sweden)

“…Gammage’s savage tremolo-picking and careening lead lines are darkly delicious.”
New York Music Daily

“Some songs immediately get under your skin while others need to grow on you but in all essence, this is a great album.”
Billy Boy (Belgium)

“This band has an interesting blend of power and trippiness. Gammage has a haunting quality to his voice, somewhere between a young Jim Morrison and Eric Burdon… it’s music that plays like a movie soundtrack in your mind…in a slightly off-kilter world where trouble and danger are close. Where the fabric of reality is delicate and could come apart at any moment. I really like this artist.”
John Yorke, Owl Productions (U.S.A.)

“Ce disque est un saisissant voyage dans l’americana sous toutes ces formes, le rock’n’roll, la musique traditionnelle folk, la country et surtout le blues, que GAMMAGE affectionne tant.”
“Gammage has shaped wonderful songs of American music for this album and makes it a tribute to the blues, both intense and very aesthetic.”
Ethnostempos (France)

International reviews for Giveaway and Guess I’m Falling in Love singles.

“This year Phil released two new solo songs, first a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “I Guess I’m Falling In Love” which is simply the most useful Lou Reed cover ever…Maybe even better is “Giveaway” a vocal tour de force that has been compared to Gene Pitney though I hear more Scott Walker myself…the two are among the best songs of 2013.”
Rock NYC Live and Recorded