2021 From Nowhere to Somewhere (album)


By combining elements of roots music, Americana, pop, country, and blues, Gammage has created an audio scrapbook of the American experience. Lyrically his song address ideas ranging from love (“What Would I Do?”), nostalgia (“So Long and Goodbye”), despair (“Shadow Road”), to a surreal and impressionistic narrative of the last century (“Between the Tracks.” In addition he presents his stellar interpretations of two classic mid-century songs — Willie Nelson’s “Night Life” and Hank Williams’ “Alone and Forsaken.

“Top shelf story telling is the key I think, and the songs feel sacred without being precious… not unlike listening to old Hank Williams.”
~ Hot Wax Album Reviews

“Phil Gammage has been recording blues albums years in years past, without a dog in the lot. From Nowhere is a specially strong collection of Americana with Presley-ish vocals.” ~ Rock NYC