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“Sophisticated Americana with a Retro Elegance.”

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Phil Gammage brings a charm to his performance unlike no other … singing and playing his own unique version of traditional and original Americana, blues, jazz, and country. Phil’s good time music is the perfect soundtrack for your venue, festival, lounge, café, or soiree. The Texas native, and longtime NYC resident currently performs as a solo, duo, or full band performer (The Phil Gammage Quartet).

His new album Redeemed, is a robust collection of Americana songs as diverse and heart-felt as the genre itself. Twisting from railroad cars, endless roads, and the folklore of 20th century America, the album draws inspiration from Phil’s life as a musician, historian, and fiction writer.

Gammage is an internationally acclaimed musician and recording artist who has traveled the world sharing his music. Recent live appearances include the Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival, Bluescraft Summer Festival, 2019 solo European tour, and the CBGB Festival in New York. Twisting from railroad cars, endless roads, and the folklore of the 20th century, his songs paint a picture of a nostalgic America that is gone but not forgotten. Phil’s latest album is his critically acclaimed Redeemed (2024) which features eight original songs. His music has also been featured on numerous TV shows and commercials.

Joining Phil in his music projects are some of the top musicians in the country. Together they weave an evocative tapestry of sounds and words that leave their audiences wanting more.

“We’re totally digging it. Phil’s voice is as unique and smokey-rich as a Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley or freakin’ Frank Sinatra or something. This is petty amazing stuff.”
~ Impose Magazine

“One of those words prone to overuse is “timeless” but there are occasions when it really does hit the spot. Such as when applied to describe the voice and music of Phil Gammage.”
~ Americana U.K. (U.K.)

“For Gammage, it’s all about the song’s vibe and his long walks through The City That Never Sleeps, where he explores the late-night lifestyle. It’s a world of femme fatales, dark streets, potent cocktails, and a fast con.”
~ Stereo Embers

“Top shelf story telling is the key I think, and the songs feel sacred without being precious… not unlike listening to old Hank Williams.”
~ Hot Wax Album Reviews by the ROCK DOCTOR

“There is a very big quality to his voice as if he has channeled Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jim Morrison to create a sound that fills every crevice, which I find wonderful and, at times, overwhelming.”
~ Swept Magazine (Canada)

“Gammage’s cool baritone bounces off that luscious plate reverb to give that dark underbelly of America twang that gave a mystique to Presley, Cash, and Marty Robbins…”
~ Music-News (U.K.)