Redeemed Lyrics

Good Place

There’s still an old bench
outside the coffee bar.
The owner there likes to laugh a lot
and smoke his big cigar.
Says a little sign which hangs above,
“It’s a good place to fall in love.”

Down on Bleecker there’s a lady
you see her walking with a cane.
She wears an antique pocket watch
on a long silver chain.
Says with a wink and a gentle shove,
“It’s a good place to fall in love.”

Standing on the sidewalk,
I look up and shout to her floor,
“I came to see you today,
won’t you please open up the door.”
She shouts down, throws a key in a glove,
“It’s a good place to fall in love.”

Right On

He was in the dirty dungeon, collecting up the junkie dues.
Got shot by mean rival baller. He made the evening news.
His mark looked like money, ringer made them a pitch.
Got him digging in his pocket, fell for the old bait and switch.

Right on, right on
We all get some evil when we think we be good.

I can’t tell you how to live life, I sure as hell screwed up mine.
You and I are brothers we be both here doing time.

I learned all the damn lessons, living down in the hood.
I learned all the lessons, when we think we be good.

The Woman in the Window

The woman in the window, she seems so all alone.
spending her nights talking on the telephone.

She wears a red robe, while she paces the room
stopping for a moment to put on her perfume

The woman in the window, she seems so all alone.

The august breeze lifts the white curtain lace.
The lamp on a desk baths her face.

A smile starts to creep across her lips
I only see what she permits

The door slowly closes and my train moves on.
And the woman in the widow, she is suddenly gone.


Devils waiting, he’s standing at my door,
the face of night, what I’ve been searching for.
Been beating the walls it didn’t change a thing.
Yes I’ve pleaded, now I’ll be redeemed.

I will be redeemed oh I will be redeemed

Booze needs a buddy, I had no friend.
One year now, finally on the mend again.
Moonlight on the stage, time to start the show.
One year now, these seeds I gotta sew.

Devils waiting, he’s standing at my door,
He’s been watching & he’s come back for more.
The clouds have lifted in the face of the rain
Light shining through, we will never be the same

Serious Trouble

You’ll know when she’s near, but don’t ever look into her eyes.
Lest you’re seeking danger, she’s got the power to hypnotize.

Maybe you’re new to town.
Or crawling out of life’s rubble.
Just heed my words friend
that girl is some serious trouble.

Go on mind your business, don’t play her petty game.
You’re a cat in heat, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

I’ll gonna just say it to you straight
There’s no need for me to be subtle.
That girl right there,
She’s some serious trouble.

Don’t say you didn’t know, I’ve laid down my bet.
I can see the pain in your eyes, don’t tell me that we never met.

Johnny Lee

Johnny Lee the ladies man,
Coming down the railroad track.
A scamp and a ne’er-do-well.
Guitar on his back

A dandy and a playboy
No woman could refuse
He was the great gal sneaker
With a song and polished shoes

Caught with the blacksmith’s wife
Took a bullet to his chest
But for luck it saved his life
The gold watch on his vest

Always the rambler.
Would never stay for long.
Drink up all your whisky.
When the sun rose he’d be gone.

Messages from the Grave

She studied her pen in the light.
Another poem, another night
She wrote every word as an epitaph.
Her’s is the winnower and they, life’s chaff.

Whatever is left whatever would be saved,
will be her messages from the grave.

She spoke as a nomad of her life on the road
Strangers met on a bus and the men she’s known
It could be that no words ever survived,
not a memory left of where she died.

I saw her in a dream, standing in the doorway
I heard her confess, then start to pray
Wandering the street, I heard the calling
Behind me now, I feel her walking

The Rain

And the station, it’s cold and it’s gray.
She’s be here soon, she’ll be on her way.
And I’ll see her. She’s on the next train.
I’m here waiting in the rain.

And the water, it drops into a pale.
Collects in a puddle, down on the rails
And she’ll be here. She’s on the next train.
I’m here waiting in the rain.

It’s been a long time. There’s been a lot of pain.
My nerves are anxious, it won’t be the same
But she’ll be here. She’s on the next train.
I’m here waiting in the rain.