2011 It’s a PreFab World (various artists)

lounge, swing, indie rock, cabaret

Reissue of the 2011 compilation!

Great compilation album from the New York based label PreFab International Records featuring songs from their recent releases as well as a wealth of previously unreleased tracks.

The label, primarily known as a home for the recording projects of musician Phil Gammage, has assembled a stellar collection that highlights some of the best songs of the past few years from it’s catalog. What sets this compilation apart from the competition though, is the wealth of rare and previously unreleased tracks that make the majority of it’s song list. 

Featured songs from previous PreFab albums include “In Love Again” from The Scarlet Dukes (used in the 2008 Walmart commercial), Claudia’s version of Lou Reed’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror” from her debut CD single, downtown legends Certain General with their classic “Maximum G” from the essential Live at the Public Theatre, Phil’s “Nueva York” from his jazz instrumental collection Tracks of Sound, and Voodoo Martini’s “Not Afraid Anymore” from their album Exotic and Mysterious.

The rare and previously unreleased music from these artists that appear on It’s a PreFab World! are as strong or exceed the featured songs from their other PreFab albums. Certain General hits the mark with “I’ll Behave”. Songstress Claudia showcases her talents with her unique versions of Nirvana’s “About a Girl” and label-mates Certain General’s “Heathcliff Skies”. Gammage stretches out on guitar in the instrumental workouts “Third Avenue Wind Tunnel” and “Stacey Says”. And Phil’s neo-lounge project Voodoo Martini re-emerges with a new lineup and their first new recordings in 12 years (!) with “Naked in the Rain”, “I Kissed My Girl”, among others.

What’s there not to like about this great collection of music that features some of the finest musicians America has to offer! It truly is a PreFab world!