Phil Gammage Releases New Album “Used Man For Sale”

This longtime American roots music artist has been hard at work at one of his most ambitious projects yet, his eighth solo album, Used Man For Sale.

“Gammage blends a variety of styles to arrive at his own sound. Roots music is in good hands here. We are sure to hear much more good and creative sounds from him in the future.” – Blues Blast

Release date: October 4, 2016

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Phil Gammage returns with a new album of all original songs called Used Man for Sale. This native Texan and long-time New Yorker has been releasing music since the early 1990s and Used Man For Sale is a ten-track continuation of a legacy that spans decades. The album is by design an honest and stripped down recording free of studio gimmicks. Recorded with some of New York’s greatest players, it explores Phil’s roots-inspired songwriting style — focusing on blues and countrypolitan.

Phil’s has been compared to everyone from Roy Orbison to Johnny Cash to Tom Waits — or as the Trouser Press once wrote about Phil’s music

“…underwrought darkside Americana echoing Nick Cave’s fascinations minus the melodrama. Which might well make Gammage this generation’s Hank Williams.”

Rock NYC Live and Recorded wrote

“…it is really about Phil’s wonderful singing; the man seems to have stepped out of 1957 and yet not. He is a one man million dollar quartet.”

Ever since his initial 1990 solo release, Night Train (on the legendary French indie label New Rose) Phil has traveled the world with various bands, most notably Certain General and used his massive catalog for music licensing and synchronization. Used Man For Sale is a follow-up to 2014’s Adventures in Bluesland, an album of several outstanding Gammage penned songs and renditions of several traditional classics. It received rave reviews and made numerous ‘best of the year’ lists internationally. Bucketful of Brains wrote of Adventures In Bluesland, “Gammage has delivered an album that is an infectious, perfectly paced and varied exploration of the most American of musical forms. It captures a band that sounds like they’ve been playing in smoke-filled basement joints since the age of the Beats.”

This is one of the busiest phases of Phil Gammage’s career. In addition to recording Used Man For Sale, Gammage also just got off a European tour playing guitar for Certain General last spring. Beyond that – he also appeared on 2013’s live album Keeping The Blues Alive (a collaboration with folk hero, blues historian, and activist John Sinclair), and 2015’s album The American Dream with his all-star band Adventures in Bluesland (named after Phil’s solo album). One might think that four releases in four years as overkill, but for Phil it’s par for the course, as he put it in an interview with the Village Voice, “When I was a teenager I used to listen to a lot of music that had electric guitar and it was an instrument that always fascinated me. At one point I picked it up and haven’t been able to put down since.”

philstanding_tippinghat_bwtint300dpiNow as he gears up for the release of Used Man For Sale many are excited about the potential critical acclaim. No stranger to ‘Best of’ lists and a two-time veteran of the CBGB Music Festival in New York it seems that Phil Gammage can do no wrong. Having been referred to as “no ordinary copycat, but an artist with a unique sound, vision, and musical message.” by Dutch magazine Keys And Chords and “An explosive and dynamic force of musical nature…” by the Italian publication Il Sibilo Del Silencio one gets the impression that Phil is going to keep on keeping on to create something truly transcendent. 

Used Man for Sale was produced by Kevin Tooley and recorded in New York at 30 Below Studio and World Wide Vibe Studios. Engineered by Brent McLaghlan and Kevin Tooley. Musicians: Kevin Tooley – drums; Frank DeNunzio – bass and backing vocals; Johnny Young – keyboards, piano; Michele Bulter – backing vocals; and Phil Gammage – lead vocals, guitars, harmonica, and vibes.

Track listing
(all songs written by Phil Gammage, Mayan Music BMI)

1. Arms of a Kind Woman (3:31)
2. Maybe Tomorrow (2:47)
3. I Beg of You (4:08)
4. Used Man for Sale (3:22)
5. Ride with Railroad Bill (3:56)
6. Feeling the Hurt (3:41)
7. Before I Leave (4:09)
8. Tenderloin (2:36)
9. Lost in Loserville (3:40)
10. Staring Out Our Window (4:10)