From Nowhere to Somewhere

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Songwriter, vocalist, and guitar slinger, Phil Gammage is a Texas-born and raised artist who now resides in NYC. His new album, From Nowhere to Somewhere, is a robust collection of Americana songs as diverse and heart-felt as the genre itself. Twisting from railroad cars, endless roads, and the folklore of 20th century America, the album draws inspiration from Phil’s life as a musician, historian, and fiction writer.

Gammage took a departure from his usual songwriting process for this project, choosing to co-write many of the album’s songs with prolific Hudson Valley poet David B. Schell. The result is a greater diversity in the lyrical themes that comprise the album. “We needed a few more original songs to complete the album” he says. “Collaborating with David as a co-songwriter really kickstarted the project for me.”

Phil also chose to record a couple of classic songs from the American songbook — “Night Life” by Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams’ “Alone and Forsaken”. These have been in his live set for several years. Their inclusion gives From Nowhere to Somewhere another dimension and ties the collection directly to some the music of the past that Phil holds dearly.

The album was recorded in New York in various studios over a period of 1 year and was produced by Tony Mann. Phil enlisted musicians from his live working bands to contribute to the recordings. He was honored to have jazz bass legend Gene Perla (Miles Davis, Elvin Jones,-Sonny Rollins, Sarah Vaughan) record on the track “Shadow Road.” In addition, New York Blues Hall of Fame inductee Greg Holt contributes his dynamic fiddle playing to several tracks.

From Nowhere to Somewhere was masterfully produced by Tony Mann. Add to the mix some of the top musicians on today’s contemporary scene, and you have a winner.

Phil Gammage – lead vocals, guitars, harmonica, marimba, keyboards; Michael Fox – drums, Brian Karp – bass; Greg Holt – fiddle; Tony Mann – percussion; Joe Nieves & Michele Butler – vocals. Recorded at 30 Below Studio NY, NY. Engineered by Brent McLachlan, Tony Mann, and Phil Gammage. Photography by David B. Schell. Package design PreFab International Cine.

What they’re saying about the music of Phil Gammage:

“Foreboding music with compelling footage from an era of drifters combine into a nostalgic daydream on Gammage’s latest.”
~ Americana Highways

“Under wrought darkish Americana echoing Nick Cave’s fascinations minus the melodrama… might well make Phil this generation’s Hank Williams.”
~ Trouser Press

“…the man is incapable of a false note or a forced emotion. All of his solo work is excellent.”
~ Rock NYC Live