Music Videos Now on the Blues Music Television Network Channel

Big news! Several of Phil’s music videos are now in rotation at the new Grenada, Mississippi-based  Blues Music Television Network channel. Here’s their press release:

Phil Gammage is not your ordinary songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist born and raised in Texas and now living in New York. He is about to change the game with music videos like “Shadow Road, “Ride with Railroad Bill”, and “Lost in Loserville”. Watch BMT on ROKU and catch hot music videos from Phil Gammage and the hottest music videos from the biggest in blues television.”

New Partnership with Hudsy

I am happy to announce a partnership with the New York State based online content distributor Hudsy. They will be featuring four of my music videos filmed on location in and around the Hudson Valley. Learn more about Hudsy here and watch some of their great programming.

Phil’s latest album From Nowhere to Somewhere out now!

Phil’s 12-song album From Nowhere to Somewhere is for sale on all major digital platforms. The signed CD is available exclusively at Bandcamp. As premiered at Ditty TV, WUSB, CHRW (Ontario), Radio Méga 99.2 (France), KABT FM 100.9 (Hollywood), Cygnus Radio, Radio Brookland (U.K.), Radio Valencia (San Francisco), and more.

Songwriter, vocalist, and guitar slinger, Phil Gammage is a Texas-born and raised artist who now resides in NYC. His new album, From Nowhere to Somewhere, is a robust collection of Americana songs as diverse and heart-felt as the genre itself. Twisting from railroad cars, endless roads, and the folklore of 20th century America, the album draws inspiration from Phil’s life as a musician, historian, and fiction writer.

“Top shelf story telling is the key I think, and the songs feel sacred without being precious… not unlike listening to old Hank Williams.” ~ Hot Wax Album Reviews

From Nowhere to Somewhere is a brilliant, starkly smoldering album from guitarslinger Phil Gammage. His strongest and most diverse release in a long and underrated career. The level of songcraft matches the vast stylistic range in Gammage’s bag of riffs.” ~ New York Music Daily

“The music and lyrics evoke an image of a vanishing America — one of shiftless men and women who criss cross the country by rail and connect with other people only to abandon them when they feel the emotional cost is too high.” ~ Americana Highways

Music videos from the album.