Nouvel album “Used Man For Sale” qui sera publié le 4 Octobre.

usedman_front_discThis fall Phil Gammage returns with a new 10-song album Used Man for Sale. This collection of all original songs is his eighth solo album.

Gammage draws his musical and lyrical inspirations from many sources, but it is the most American music form of all — the blues (which is the true essence of man and womankind) that defines this new collection of songs. He also explores lounge and countrypolitan sounds on this record.

The recording is honest with no studio gimmickry. Used Man for Sale was produced by Kevin Tooley and recorded in New York at 30 Below Studios and World Wide Vibe Studios. Engineered by Brent McLaghlan and Kevin Tooley.

Watch the album promo trailer below produced by PreFab International Cine.